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Nouba Millebaci 7

Nouba Millebaci 7
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Do you Seek a lipstick that will not fade after kissing a thousand times? Reggies Stores , offers incredible long-lasting Nouba lipstick Millebaci that will surely stay for at least 24 hours.

This is long lasting lip cream with a lightweight formula, rich in microencapsulated pigments and film-forming resins, This lipstick has been in the market for over 20 years. It guarantees extraordinary lasting and minimal if any transfer.

This lip cream instantly covers lips with a matte finish. More than 15 shades are available in our store. It is easy to apply thanks to the ergonomic flock applicator.

Top features of Nouba Millebaci lipstick

- It has a smooth, matte velvet finish

- It doesn't smudge

- It's not sticky

- It lasts all day

How to Apply

Tips for applying matte lipsticks

- We recommend exfoliating your lips to remove dry, dead skin before applying matte lipstick.

- Apply a lightweight lip balm or moisturizing treatment to your lips. This helps fill in any cracks so your matte lipstick will go on smooth and more even. We recommend Nouba Reflecta Lip Gloss.

- After applying a gloss, don't put on your matte lipstick right away! If you do, the finish will be too creamy. Instead, do the rest of your makeup to give your lips a chance to absorb the moisturizer you've just applied.

- If you want a fully matte look with very minimal transfer if any, do not apply a gloss.


- Vitamin E and Borrage Oil known for their softening and soothing properties.

- Rich in micro pigments for an immediate colour release.

- Vanilla flavored. Dermatologically tested. Formulated without parabens.

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